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The Water Damage Expert company is an IICRC(Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified

Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles

Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles

water damage drying and restoration business. As a full-service restoration company, The Water Damage Expert personnel’s areas of specialization include the assessment and the thorough cleanup and drying of a wide range of water related damage.

An approved vender by home and business insurance companies, The Water Damage Expert representative will be happy to assist with your claim. No claim is too small or too big for The Water Damage Expert to take on.

Wet or damp articles in one’s home or place of business that keep the moisture for over 24 hours become a breeding ground for mold and other micro organisms. Unless thoroughly cleaned and dried as soon as is possible following a

spill, carpets, furniture, and other items may have to be discarded.

The proper and immediate attention to a water damage incident will not only save one’s property but will also contribute

to a healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) by arresting the development of mold and other parasites. In addition, prompt and thorough cleaning and drying of spill or flood damage will preserve fiber integrity in carpets, furniture, and other items and will thus also increase the functional life span of the treated articles.

What are molds and why should one be weary of it?

Molds are not a part of the animal or the plant species. Rather, molds are best described as microscopic fungi. With the help of specialized enzymes molds consume dead animals and plants. The buildup of moist at one’s residence or work place create a favorable environment for molds to grow and assault particles in items, such as fiberboard, drywall,

carpet and upholstery cleaning

carpet and upholstery cleaning

carpet backing, paper, dust, wood, or exposed soils. Once settled, molds/fungi quickly spread through moist surfaces destroying structural wood and other components in their path. It is very hard to clean up and exterminate wide spread and deeply rooted molds.

We look forward to serving your water damage and flood damage needs.

Los Angeles Water Damage & Carpet Cleaning


Los Angeles Water Damage Many people that live in Los Angeles have suffered some kind of water damage at some point.

Preventing pipes from bursting or your tub from flooding may be impossible to control or prevent from happening, especially if you recently moved or if you are living in an old place.

Overlooking or disregarding small signs of water damage in your home or business may result in significant water damage of your walls, floors, carpets, rugs or other belongings and infrastructure.

However, our compnayis a water damage solution company that will resolve all your water damage emergencies. At Los Angeles Water Damage we have designed a systemic strategy to work out step-by-step all the damages to your home or office caused by the destructive power of water.

We offer repair jobs as well as handling rug and carpet cleaning and drying, to avoid uncomfortable moldy stains that

Los Angeles Water Damage

release spores which may be harmful if inhaled (cause allergies and lung problems), as well as to prevent the appearance of damp disliking odors to your residence or office.

Although the cheapest way to confront water damage is through being insured, we are confident that no other water damage solution company in Los Angeles offers you better prices for superior service.

Our teams of water damage control experts in the Los Angeles area will safely, quickly and economically supply you with solutions, prevention tips and answers to all your water damage control needs and requirements. We are ready to assist you with your water damage emergency any time any day.

We clean up water damage, remediate moldy walls and fix wet carpets and rugs with the latest technology in drying and flood control gear.

For more services contact and find out all that our company has to offer.

Thank you for choosing Los Angeles Water Damage as your water damage solution company in Los Angeles.

Toll Free: 800-224-2889


Los Angeles Flood Damage

Flood damage, such as in Los Angeles, can be severe, yet home owners and building owners won’t know how severe until the flood water descend. Mold and other water damage may have already happened. Still the sooner you call the Water Damage Experts the better chance you have of recovering your property.


The Los Angeles Water Damage Experts are prepared to help.

Molds can end up growing such as following water damage in Los Angeles that is left unclean or untreated. Los Angeles Water Damage Experts are trained when it comes to cleaning up mold and they have the equipment to get the job done right. They work diligently to get rid of every ounce of mold in the area from carpet cleaning to upholstery and anything in between.
If mold is not cleaned up quickly or it grows into a dangerous type of mold items from furniture to an entire house may have to be discarded. That is why it is so important to contact us when any flood damage or water damage occurs in Los Angeles.
When water damage starts, the quicker the Los Angeles Water Damage Experts are called then the faster we can get to work. We might need to do carpet cleaning because the mold may not have spread any deeper. That effort will save you a lot of time and heartache as well as saving you money.

The Importance of Emergency Attention Following Water Damage in Los Angeles Makes Emergency Services Vital.

If your business or residence ever suffers flood damage or water damage of any kind in Los Angeles contact us. We know it is vital for water damage to be treated immediately. If it is not treated properly and promptly it could destroy property and grow into dangerous mold. We will go through your property and do an assessment of the water damage. Then we will prepare what we need to do to conduct a complete cleanup of you property. Call us and we guarantee our high quality work and our staff will arrive within 30 minutes of your call.
Our dedicated staff has been properly trained to cleanup and remove mold even those molds that have spread throughout the area and are considered toxic. If you notice mold or even think it is possible call us immediately so we can stop a mold infestation in your home or business. It can be found anywhere from crawl spaces and basements to walls and carpets.
Since many thousand types of mold species exist and some are harmful to people, a clean up is important. People can become very ill as a result of mold and some find molds cause them to react in allergies. We have been trained to clean all molds and get your location clean as well as safe again. Our staff not only cleans up mold or dries up a location suffering water or flood damage in Los Angeles. We make sure that the mold is completely removed. If it is not killed then it could return and still cause problems.
If you have had flood damage and have not been feeling well it could be mold. Even if you think you have cleaned everything properly and the location is dry mold could still be growing if not treated properly. Symptoms of mold issues include nausea, headaches, dizziness and feeling like you have the flu.

Los Angeles Water Damage is ready to Take Care of Any Water Damage or Flood Damage Emergency.

Los Angeles Water Damage staff has been trained to handle any water damage or flood damage emergency. We have proven techniques that will resolve the problems. We not only take care of the appearance of mold and water damage. Our staff will dry up the problem and we clean up everything. There are often stale odors following water damage. Our superior service even handles that unpleasant situation. We guarantee our work and you can depend on us to be ready to help you when you need us. Any of the equipment that is needed to do the job right will also is available for your job even in important emergencies.

Carpet Care GuidelinesEnvironmentNormalContaminated
Outside Dusty
Extremely Cold
High Humidity
Day Care Center2 weeks1 week2 weeks1 weekNursing Home1 month1 month1 month1 weekResidence    2 Person (nonsmoking)6-12 months2 months4-6 months4-6 months2 Person (w/smoking)4 months2 months3 months4 monthsYoung Children6 months1 month3 months3 monthsYoung Children (w/Pets)3-6 months1 month2 months2 monthsOffice Building    Ground Floor3-6 months1-4 months2-6 months2-6 monthsUpper Floors6-12 months2-6 months3-9 months3-9 monthsFood Service1 month1 week2 weeks2 weeksCommercial    Retail Shops, Banks3-6 months1 month2 months2 months

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