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Water Under Carpet

Garden Grove Water Damage

Water Under Carpet

Your home and carpet looks normal, and unknown to you there is water under the carpet.   Often the first signs that you notice is if you step in a wet spot on your carpet.  First you will need to trace the source of the wet spot, you may find that there is a leak somewhere, the air conditioner hose, or a pipe that runs close to the spot has sprung a leak. The ceiling has a leak, sometimes the only way to find the leak is to lift  the carpet.   If you can’t find the source then it might be best to call in the professionals.

Evaluation and assessment

If you are unable to trace the source of the water, don’t delay call in professional help from Water Damage Experts, their technicians are highly trained to be able to trace where the water is coming from.  They will also assess the damage caused by the water source.  Often water under the carpet will have caused some damage to the floor as well as the carpet, Water Damage Experts technicians will give you an honest evaluation and assessment of the situation and they will give you a written quotation of everything involved including the costs to repair the damage.  They will also do photographic documentation for insurance purposes.

Time is of the essence when there is water under carpet

There is no time to waste when dealing with water on carpets and under the carpet.  The longer you wait the more chance of mildew, mold, fungi and bacteria growths.  You cannot afford to allow that to happen, untold damage can be done to the under flooring, anything warping, swelling of wood floors to infestation of fungi, molds etc.  Your prompt action in calling in the Water Damage Experts can save damage as well as keeping the costs down.

Contact Water Damage experts today, their experience is invaluable and they will attend to your call within 30 minutes.  Give Water Damage Experts the opportunity to give you a free professional quote.

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